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The rim is a steel ring onto on which a tire is mounted and ultimately becomes part of a wheel (the rest comprising of a tire and disk).

The job of a rim is to hold the tire, and the job of a disk is to hold the rim while the car moves. The way the disk is placed on the wheel assembly varies from car to car. They may be external (offset) or internal (inset); how they are encased determines the track width of the vehicle. This fit in the wheel is marked by letters and numbers ET (ET 18). This numbering indicates the millimeters from the middle of the tire to the wheel disc in the vehicle.

Rims can be found in vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, and even on bicycle wheels. In that case, the rim is a big figure in circumference with the outer edge being supported by spokes. Externally, the bike Rim holds the cover and the air ring. This same basic structure is used for motor vehicle tires.

The marking of a rim could be, for example, LEMERS MADE IN USA June 99 DOT 7 1/ 2 J 17 078 532 36 H2 5 ET where :

the first word ( LEMERS ) the manufacturer;
then comes the country of manufacture (USA = United States);
week or month of manufacture (06 = June);
year of production ( [19 ] 99);
7 1/2 (= 750) is the width , the distance between the hooks of the rim and where the tire will mount 
J type hook to hold the seat ('seat or heel') of the tire;
17, the diameter of the disc;
H2 means it has two locks on the rim to hold the seat (this determines how many loops and the heel is not entered in the groove bottom of the wheel when it rolls;
ET 36 is the distance from the rim half (3 1/ 4) to the wheel hub ( in this case, the drive is external, in other cars it may appear as IS 36 [ inset ] because the disk is inside )

At Tires & More you will find a wide range of rims to suit your tastes and to find the perfect look for your car or truck.


Platinum 499 Dynasty

Platinum 499


Worx 801 SB Triad Truck

Worx 801 SB

Triad Truck

2014 Gear 713 Mb Double Pumpo

2014 Gear 713 Mb

Double Pumpo

DS Monster 647 MB 209

DS Monster 647 MB

2014 Gear 723C Nitro

2014 Gear 723C Nitro

Ultra 245 V Spline Pvd

Ultra 245 V

Spline Pvd





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